If the license gets updated and the Work I just released does not comply with the terms of the new version anymore, can I still print, distribute and sell it? Can I still write expansions for that Work later on, even if these too wouldn’t comply with the new version of the license?
As explained in Section 13 (Third-Party Tabletop License Update and Final Notes): You will continue to have the right to create, publish, sell and distribute your Work under the terms of this agreement or any subsequent version of this agreement at your discretion. You don’t necessarily need to comply with the terms of the new version, and you can write and publish expansions for your Work later even if they wouldn’t comply with the new release of the license.

How am I supposed to work with the official Fabula Ultima font? Is it safe to use in my projects?
Yes, it is. Feel free to use it wherever, whenever, for whatever reason. It’s public domain.

Where should I put the “Fabula Ultima Mod” and “Powered by Fabula Ultima” logos? What if I don’t want to?
You are entirely free to place both logos wherever you want in your Work, as long as your Work is compliant with the License. You can even place them nowhere at all. For maximum effect, we recommend placing them on the cover page!

Are the playtest and rework contents found on Emanuele Galletto’s patreon considered official? Can we release content based on them under this license?
No, the playtest and rework contents on Emanuele Galletto’s patreon are not official content. If they become such in the future, they may be referenced according to the terms of the license.

If I am not sure about one or more terms of the license or would like a more detailed explanation of one or more points, who should I contact?
Please, contact us at If your work does not comply with the terms of the license but you still want to publish it, feel free to contact us as well.